• Barrel-Aged Cocktails Ready to Pour from the Bottle

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Guided by Spirits. Aged with Wisdom.

Renowned for his alchemy, The Noble Sage produces small-batch, barrel-aged cocktails.

And for the first time, he's sharing his fabled elixirs with the public.

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What more accurate stand or measure of good things do we have than the Sage?


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"I have witnessed the power of the Noble Sage.
His wisdom has turned me from a beer guy into a cocktail guy."

- Andrew B


"It has that wonderfully bitter flavour of a negroni and then a depth of flavour added by the barrel.
Overall, it was the best bottled negroni I've tried (of which, I've tried many)."

- Dara S


"I'm not much of a drinker but this elixir it truly scrumptious."

- Paul W


"I just had my first appointment with the Sage..
It was so, SO good. It lifted my spirits, delicious."

- Kris S


"This Negroni is Fantastic!
Lots of complexity that makes you want to linger with each sip!"

- Dave M

Elevate Your Spiritual Experience

Whether it's curling up with a good book or hosting a cocktail party, The Noble Sage has everything you need for spiritual enlightenment.

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Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend.

The Noble Sage spends his time aging high-quality spirits to perfection.

With only a limited number released to the public, don't waste any of yours before grabbing one of the Sage's fabled elixirs..

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